Dr. Bill Holdrbuam teaches FREE weekly dental health classes to the public.  Noted as one of America’s Top Dentists and recognized as a dental health teaching authority, Dr. Bill LOVES teaching, families, children, and individuals about every topic of dental health and dentistry. 

Easily accessible from every area of Colorado Springs, CO. countless patients have their dental questions answered in a free weekly dental health class.  The Creative Excellence Dental Office reserves each Wednesday afternoon hosting FREE dental health classes to the general public.  The classes are small – limited to 20 seats – and personal, visiting today’s most popular dental topics: daily dental maintenance, regular checkups, maturing dental issues, dental diseases, cosmetic dentistry, comfort dentistry and more! 

These free dental health classes have become popular and are not limited to any one-time attendance. But, because of class demand, it is recommended to call for a seat reservation.