Family Focus

Dr. Hilderbaum and Created Excellence Dentistry have focused on family dentistry in Colorado Springs for 35 years!  Be it preschool children, seniors or the entire growing and mature family, Created Excellence has the finest reputation for every member of your family.

Although family dental groups have been around for years, they are generally unique in that they provide a variety of treatments in-house, whereas many practices are built around specialty.  A majority of dentists in North America practice general dentistry. General dentists can treat the whole family and are considered your primary care dentist.  And rated as one of America’s best dentists, Dr. Bill fills that title and reputation.

Nevertheless, Dr. Bill also specializes giving the patient and family much more in dental excellence. As noted, Dr. Bill is a cosmetic dentistry specialist, children specialist, sedation dentistry, endodontics, and TMJ Specialist – an LVI GLobal Trained and Certified dentist.

The merits of Dr. William Holderbaum and Created Excellence is the commitment to life-long training, certifications, and advancements in dentistry.  Cross trained and certified in a number of specialties, also means less time waiting for back-to-back appointments or appointments on multiple days! this saves the patients time and money.

Advanced technology at Created Excellence is less invasive, making office visits more manageable for kids and patients who are uneasy about going to the dentists.  And, at Created Excellence, you can actually sleep through your appointment without any pain or discomfort and wake up to dental excellence from sedation dentistry.