Sedation Dentistry – Overcome the FEAR

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a dentist without fear? We can help alleviate any with sedation dentistry. If taking off work five or so visits to have dental treatment completed is a concern, we can help with sedation dentistry and you’ll be amazed how much can be accomplished while you relax.

If you have fears, acute anxiety or just some sweaty palms, relax! Fears and attitudes can originate from family and friends or past experiences and can be passed to children unintentionally.  You may have grown up in an era without technology available today; or just memories of previous experiences with pain? Fear not . . . Welcome to Sedation Dentistry.

Call or come by to talk with Dr. Holderbaum and our friendly staff and speak frankly.  We’ll do our best to understand your situation and concerns.  We always take the time to help allay any phobias and explain the many options of technique.  We take special care to respect your feelings and dispel any misgivings.

Common Questions

Sedation dentistry may be for you if:

  • one has a paralyzing fear
  • had a previous traumatic experience
  • have a low pain tolerance
  • have a resistance to numbing injections
  • cannot control the gag reflex

It’s not unusual for us at Created Excellence to see patients that require extensive, complex treatments or just the simple routine care and complete the care in one or fewer visits . . . comfortably and anxiety free!

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Dr. “Bill” Holderbaum has undergone extensive training in the safe and effective use of oral and IV sedation.  He has the State Board required certification and has administered over 2,500 IV’s for sedation.

Will I Be Put To Sleep?

NO!  We will choose the most appropriate method for you and the treatment recommended.  You’ll be responsive throughout the procedure but remain in a deeply relaxed state without fidgeting.

How Long Will It Take?

Depending on the method that is required for your treatment, the time can last from one to six hours.

Do I Need Someone With Me?

Someone must accompany to and from the dental office and further instructions may be given at the time of your visit.

What Is The First Step?

  • We are waiting for your phone call.
  • We will gather health information
  • Discuss your specific needs and desires about treatment and costs
  • There is no need to put it off any longer and let your teeth deteriorate
  • And, certainly no need to suffer the pain and anxiety of dental treatment

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